Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How to Create List definition in Visual Studio 2010

1. Open visual studio 2010 (Run as Admin).

2. Create New Empty SharePoint Project, After it is appearing the below screen in solution explorer.

3. Click on Add new item
4. Select List Definition, After it is appearing the below popup window
    we can choose the list definition name & type of list.

Once click on the finish button, After it is appearing the below screen in solution explorer

In that above List Definition has three files
1.List Definition Elements.xml (Note: selected, gray background file in the above image)
2.List Definition Shema.xml
3.List Instance Elements.xml

We should change the "Template Type" in List Instance Elements.xml as well as we should give same number on the "Type" in List Definition Elements.xml.

Note: The number should be more than 10000 for cutom list, suppose if you have choosed the task list, it will be 107.

Now you can able to deploy successfully and then you can see the list on the site.

Continue:- http://aasai-sharepoint.blogspot.in/2013/05/how-to-add-fieldscolumns-in-list.html

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